Wednesday, January 27, 2016

1st Pipsticks Subscription Envelope

So I finally got my first Pipstick envelope in the mail. I was going to do a video but it didn't work out. Every time I tried there where interruptions. So I was only able to take pictures. There where some really cute ones and some so so ones.

The envelope comes like this:

This is the pipstick post card, newsletter, welcome letter, and inspirational quote!

Sheet of hearts and stuff.

Sheet of big glitter hearts and two small sheets of glitter hearts.

Sheet of pigs. I already used two.

To me this look like emoji type stickers for Valentines day.

Sheet of 3-d hearts, conversation hearts, and roses.

Washi tape type stickers

Individual heart, Macaroons, bird, flower, and bow stickers.

Little pippiday stickers.

This sheet is called The Wedding Story stickers and mine is a  Japanese Wedding Story.

In all I really enjoyed all the sticker sheets I got except two. The Pippiday sheet and the Wedding Story sheet. I think I can make the wedding story sheet work for maybe some of my wedding scrapbook pages but not really sure what else to use them for. I will just have to wait and see what I come up with. The Pippiday sheet is another one that will be hard to use. I think some of the images are really cute but a little afraid of what they might actually say. Also don't like that they say diet on a few of them. To me this looks like something my 12 yr. old daughter would like to use and I wouldn't want her to use the diets ones because I don't want her to get the wrong idea.  Also, there are a lot of cute little doodles on there that are not cut out to be used for stickers. Of course you can if you cut the images out.  Other then that everything was really cute.

I have already used a few in my journal as you can see in the picture. I think they look great!!!
Also, the journal is a coloring one! Two great things stickers and coloring!!

The little bows I had to cut from the Pippiday sheet. They were not precut. 

If you follow @Pipsticks on Instagram they are doing a free giveaway on Friday. You can enter every day if you post this picture to your instagram and tag @Pipsticks #mypipsticks.

If you are interested in joining the Pipstick family visit and shoot me your email and I'll hook you up with a code for $5 off. They even have kid packs for those kids who love Stickers!!!!! I know I always did. 

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